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Harnessing Wind Power
By John R Roberts

Most of us have heard the expression "you can't see the trees for the forest". This concept is also applicable to many other situations; the tornado that leveled the whole town of Greensburg, Kansas or hurricane Katrina that completely flooded New Orleans and many surrounding areas. Hugh schooners heavily weighed down with cargo have also been power by the wind. These are just a few examples of the unseen, unyielding power of the wind. And yet, it is difficult to envision the harnessing of this great wind power to be used as a clean, renewable source of energy.

The wind is an element of nature and is free for the taking. Harnessing wind power does not produce any greenhouse gases or other waste products. Wind turbines, also called windmills, are capable of harnessing wind power and then transforming the kinetic energy of the wind into a usable form of mechanical energy. However, because the speed of the wind fluctuates from day to day, using harnessed wind as the sole energy source for a home is not usually recommended. A calm breeze could suddenly turn into a tornado and visa versa. The establishment of wind farms is presently being considered in order to produce an adequate supply of electricity through the multiple installations of these same wind turbines. Harnessing the wind has been a life saver for the people who have chosen to live in the remote areas of the country. These people do not have the luxury of receiving electricity simply by flipping a switch.

So, the next time you relax in the cool breezes of summer, remember by harnessing the wind power you might be able to save a few dollars while improving our atmosphere.

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Click Here for the Top Green Energy Guides or Click Here for the #1 Guide



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