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What Are Green Energy Sources? How to Use Green Energy
By Kathlene Easter

Green energy sources are being discovered by the Tree Hugger crowd and many of them are looking toward building it into energy efficient and environmentally safe homes.

What is all this "green" stuff? The reason for the green name is this type of energy contributes nothing or very little toward global warming, if such a thing even exists, and none toward polluting the environment.

Green energy sources are found in the sun and wind. This energy is converted into usable electrical power through the use of solar panels and windmills and passive heating for space or water heating.

The sun is by far the most popular source of energy. The energy captured from the sun has many options.

  • It can be used for converting the sun's energy into electrical energy. Harnessing the suns energy using solar panels containing photovoltaic cells converts sun energy into electrical power for use in the green home.
  • Passive energy can be used to heat water for domestic hot water use in the kitchen, bathroom and the laundry.

Utilizing passive energy or converted solar energy can greatly reduce the homeowners electrical bill or even eliminate it.

Wind has been used for centuries to perform various mechanical tasks like running windmills to pump water. Windmills can be used to supplement solar panels in the alternative power configuration. As with the sun, there are no pollutants. However, it is good idea to live in a windy location to take full advantage of using the wind as an alternative power source.

Water can also be used as an alternative power source. However, it is a good idea to live close to a source of running water. It also non polluting as are the wind and solar energy sources.

Green energy sources are not dependent upon fossil fuels and are pollution free, but they can greatly reduce or eliminate the homeowners electric bill.

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