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Living Off the Grid - Harvesting Energy With Home Solar Power Systems
By Alexandru Matei

With the energy prices always on the rise lots of people have started living off the grid either by buying brand-new solar power systems or by building their own solar panels. Based on the recent statistics its known that more than 30,000 households have shifted to living off the grid in the U.S alone, only in the last two years. Building your own solar panels isn't as difficult as you may think it is, if fact you don't need an engineering degree -- with all the instruction manuals that are available online at very low costs you can assemble a solar power system and start living off the grid in less than two days.

The number of solar panels required to satisfy all the energy your household needs depends on the size of your house. Obviously a single 100 watts solar panel won't be enough. If you choose to buy a professional solar panel it may be slightly expensive starting from the $2000 to $15000 or maybe even more. Not many people can't afford brand new solar panels and the return on investment in hardly achievable even in 5 or 10 years. This is the main reason most people are looking for ways to start living off grid by building their own solar panels much cheaper. In fact a 400 watts solar panel won't cost more than $200, and that includes all the components and the tools that you need to build a fully functional solar panel that is ready to harvest the Sun's energy.

During the winter time your household usually needs more electricity as there is the heating also that needs to be covered. You'll need at least 6 solar panels to heat your house during the cold seasons, but that again you might need more than six depending on the size of your house. All the unused energy can be easily stored in some batteries for later use. It doesn't matter if you want to go completely off-grid or you just want to supply enough energy for just a few of your house appliances such as your mobile phones or your TV, by building your own solar panels you can reduce the costs of your monthly electricity expenses tremendously. This can be easily accomplished only with the right knowledge and a solid DIY solar manual that you can find online.

If you're tired of high electricity bills, discover how thousands of families worldwide benefit from homemade solar panels and wind turbines to power their homes.

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Click Here for the Top Green Energy Guides or Click Here for the #1 Guide



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