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Solar Power Advantages For Survivalists
By Joseph Parish

As a survivalist I fully understand that in the event of a major crisis our usual power generating facilities may not be functioning as expected. In that sense, I am continually seeking out additional means by which I can create electrical power on my own. Having this ability to make my own electricity is not only beneficial at my normal home but would serve as a great advantage when it is functional at my distant emergency retreat as well.

The advantages of employing solar energy as a power source have some far reaching effects upon not only my abilities to be self sufficient but for the environment also. Practical solar equipment is relatively new at the market place and there is still much that we have to learn about this amazing way to make power. Regardless of its newness this astounding form of power generation is preordained to become our major energy source in future years. Several of the fundamental advantages of this type of power are:

  • It is a very renewable energy resource. What this means is that we will never run out of this form of energy. Fossil fuels have a limited life span and sooner or later there will no longer be any oil to acquire as our reserves are completely depleted. Solar on the other hand, will be available as long as the sun in the sky shines down upon us.
  • Solar power is a green form of energy. It is a non-polluting type of power source unlike oil. It emits no undesirable gases or odors and does not harm our environment in any manner. We will never experience a spill of any kind from solar power equipment.
  • Best of all it is free. Once you have the necessary equipment firmly in place it will produce your needed electricity at no further expense on your part. With no moving parts of any kind the equipment if properly maintained can perhaps last you a lifetime.
For us survivalists these advantages can be seen in everyday products such as the cars we drive, our hot water heaters and light for our buildings. Since we often locate our emergency retreats in out of the way locations the use of solar power provides us with a bit of human comforts that we have come to expect.

I have been quite verbal at expressing the various advantages of solar power and now to be fair I would like to present you with a few of its disadvantages. The downfalls associated with these sunlight generating units are that they are still extremely costly. The expected performance is lower then we would want considering the financial investment necessary. We can only hope that the technology for this energy source continues to be improved resulting in an increase in quality while dropping the price considerably.

By Joseph Parish

Copyright @ Joseph Parish

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